Uneek Sock Game

Uneek Socks Custom Designs

Uneek Socks started with the goal to supply the freshest custom socks around. New styles are created each week. Each pair is designed and made by hand to order.

Uneek Socks began with just standard style and has grown daily ever since. The every expanding selection allows any sneakerhead to step their game up.

A year ago a real light bulb went off...everyone drools over the newest kicks and the sickest new clothes, but never has anyone given true thought to fresh socks. Why give so much effort when you're totally neglecting something so important? We've seen so many guilty of this without ever knowing it. This spans from those wearing a clean pair of Air Force Ones all the way to some new Lebron 11's or Yeezy 2's. Don't kill your new kicks with some plain socks. 

So travel with us through a sock extravaganza on your way to the freshest new look!